Tap & Learn Animals Screenshots

Tap & Learn is a fun, easy app to introduce your kids to the names and sounds of animals they’ll see every day. Kids will learn to tap on the cute, colorful animal images right away and they’ll get so excited when they hear animal sounds they’ll forget that they’re learning all those great animal names at the same time!

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First Screen
Second Screen
Second Screen

Choose & Learn Animals Screenshots

Choose & Learn is just a bit more challenging and yes, even more fun for the bigger children. Identifying and decision-making are two big skills your child will discover in Choose & Learn: Animals. Even more interactive, your child can keep score as they try to pick the correct animal out of three cute images.

Where is the Cow?
Well DONE!
Play Again!

Start Screen & Settings

Have kids that would enjoy both games? Don’t worry; it’s a snap to change settings and games.

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