Best app for kids: Tap & Learn Animals

  • Best app to introduce kids to animals and sounds!
  • 2 games in 1: Develop motor and decision making skills
  • Cute cartoon animals designed by preschool teacher
  • So much fun to repeat after real animal sounds
  • Works like charm during doctor visits, long car rides, grocery shopping, etc.

"Both games are simple but yet very effective. My 1 year old daughter cannot get enough of Tap & Learn game - she repeats after every animal!" - Monica Miller

"Great pictures and colors." - Vlad, father of 17 month old son.

"I just bought the game. My daughter is excited. Do you have more games like these?" - Stella from LA

" It is SO much easier to feed the veggies with this app. LOL!" - Anna Islamova - creator of Tap & Lean Animals

Not convinced? - Watch the video below.

Tap & Learn Animals has 2 educational games that grow and adapt with your child.

Game #1 Tap & Learn: Animals (12 animals, real animal sounds, bright design) This fun and easy game will help you to introduce your kids to the names and sounds of animals they see every day. Kids love to point and tap on the cute, colorful animal images. They get excited when they hear real animal sounds! Be ready to hear Moo, Mew, and Baaa.

Game #2 Choose & Learn: Animals (12 screens, encouraging words, see your score, play again) Your child knows all the animals and all the sounds? - Load Choose & Learn: Animals to challenge him to choose the right animal out of group of three. "Where is the cat?" - "Good Job!"

Lots of Fun for only $1.99:
  • Kids love to press, tap, push, point - these games will keep them busy
  • Smiles are everywhere - funny sounds and encouraging words make this game irresistible to your baby.
  • Both games help develop motor and decision making skills
  • THE Best for keeping your baby occupied during doctor visits, long car rides, grocery shopping, anywhere you need a few minutes.

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